About soule beauty.


We’re obsessed with

clean beauty.

I founded Soule Beauty because I am obsessed with beauty and I believe that beauty products should nourish you from the outside in. Since I created this brand in early 2018, we have been working hard to make sure we’re bringing you some of the cleanest and most effective products on the market. Our mission is to ensure that we can provide you with access to clean beauty products that combine the benefits of nature and science in a way that looks after your body and feeds your soule. We have curated a selection of products (it’s always growing) that are clean, non-toxic and genuinely good for you. We live for discovering the best, cleanest indie and luxury brands around, and carry one of Australia’s largest collections of safe, non-toxic beauty products. So you can play, get inspired and find that you also love clean beauty, and so does your skin! Enjoy Peta